We’ve made it super simple to get started with Live Chat with your customers on your website or app through the Groove Widget.

To get you up and running as fast as possible, here is a quick start guide to get you going!

Setting Up Your Live Chat

To get started with Live chat you will need to install the Groove Widget on your site.

The Groove Widget not only allows you to place Live Chat on your site, but also your Knowledge Base or a contact form (or all three), giving your users a quick and easy way to get in touch or have direct access to your Knowledge Base content. 

Widget Style And Wording

Both the Groove Widget and Live Chat are extremely customizable with just a few clicks:

  • Customizing the widget styling
  • Configuring your bot avatar
  • Setting up wording
  • Setting up translations
  • New notification sounds and flashing of the browser tab

Read more about this: Branding and basic configuration of your Widget and Updating the Language Settings for the Widget.

General Live Chat Preferences

Depending on your needs, you can easily turn on and off certain features for your Live Chat client. Here are some of the preferences you can configure:

  • Enabling reactions to messages
  • Displaying available agent avatars
  • Allowing the download of chat transcripts
  • Allowing customers to upload attachments

Read more about this: General Preferences.

Team Member Access

Similar to Mailboxes, you can easily give different agents access to your Live Chat channel.

Read more about this: Adding Users to Live Chat.

Enabling Or Disabling Live Chat

There are times when you might want to quickly limit your Live Chat to only existing conversations or turning it off all together. This can be conveniently managed right from your Live Chat interface.

Read more about this: Turning Live Chat On/Off on Widget.

Setting Your Online Presence

For your users, and also for certain Live Chat settings (see for example Round-robin), it's important to keep your profile status up-to-date. To help you stay on top of that we've built in a few specific features.

Read more about this: Agent Presence Settings.

Chat Routing (Round-robin And Unattended Messages) 

With Live Chat, nothing can be more frustrating for a customer than being left unattended! 

To maximise your response times and to be sure that customers aren’t left waiting long periods of time, we have two great features:

  • Round-robin
    Automatically assigning conversations to available agents, load balanced to ensure that new conversations are distributed equally.
  • Unattended messages
    Automatically unassign conversations when an agent doesn’t reply to a customer in a set amount of time.

Read more about this: Round-robin.

No Agent Online Handling

Never worry about what happens when all your agents are offline with this handy bot. 

Decide how you want your Widget to behave for new conversations when there are no agents online, along with notifying customers with existing customers chats that all agents are offline if they send a new message.

Read more about this: No Agent Online Handling.

Email Continuation

Worried about customers dropping offline while waiting on a reply? With email continuation, you don’t have to!

If a customer misses your reply, we automatically send an email directly to them with their last few messages and your reply. Best of all - they can reply directly to the email with replies coming directly back into the Live Chat conversation for your agents.

Read more about this: Email Continuation.