What is the Groove Widget?

The Groove Widget allows you to place your Knowledge Base, a contact form, and Live Chat on every page of your site, giving your users a quick and easy way to get in touch or have direct access to your Knowledge Base content.

So far, we have seen reduced support volumes of up to 33% for customers making use of the widget on their site!

The Groove widget is available to all Groove customers on all plans, at no additional cost.


Where do I find the new widget?

To get started with creating your widget is easy: simply click on the "Bot" icon on the left navigation which will guide you to the Widget creation screen.


Setting up your first Widget:

Step 1: Layout, color and features:

Once on the integrations page, click “Connect” on the “Groove Widget” panel.

This will navigate you to the first setup page, which includes a live preview of your widget on the right hand side. 
All items that you initially set up here can be changed later if need be.

Note: The initial content displayed in the widget is demo data until you configure the first few settings.



  • Widget name: This is the internal name that you can use to identify your widget in the Groove settings screens. This is not displayed at all on your widget and will never be shown to your customers.
  • Widget color: In the widget name field, you can use the color picker to set the color of your widget.
  • Icon style: This is the icon style that will be displayed on your widget when it is closed on your website (it displays an “×” when your widget is open).


Enabling Widget Knowledge Base and/or contact form

You have the choice to have your widget include Live Chat, a Knowledge Base, and a contact form.

Best of all—and our recommendation—is enabling at least both the contact form and the Knowledge Base, as this setup is known to have the largest impact in reducing support queries (we’ve seen around 33% decrease in support queries when used together).

Live Chat

If enabled, you will receive a new channel in your Live Chat list, which is tied to the Widget you're creating. This enables you to provide your users with immediate responses by connecting them to support agents in realtime.

Knowledge Base

If enabled, you will be able to select which Knowledge Base you would like your Widget to display.
You can change the Knowledge Base displayed (or disable it) at any time in your settings.

You will need to have at least one published Knowledge Base available for this option to be enabled.
You can only display one Knowledge Base in your widget.

Contact form

If enabled, you can select which Mailbox in your Groove inbox you will receive the messages from the Contact form on. 

Start screen:

If you enable two or multiple items, you can specify the start screen that users see when they first open up your Widget.
Users will always be able to navigate to the home screen, regardless of which start screen you choose.

Start screen options (see below):

  • Home Screen: This displays a Home Screen  where the user can select to either go to Live Chat, the Contact Form, or the Knowledge Base.
  • Knowledge Base First: This displays the Knowledge base first, with a button to navigate to the home screen.
  • Contact Form First: This displays the contact form first, with a button to navigate to the home screen.
  • Live Chat First: This displays Live Chat first, with a button to navigate to the Home Screen.


When you’re ready, you can click “Install & Finish”.


Step 2: Installation

Installing the widget on your website is as simple as adding a little piece of Javascript on the pages you want the widget to display before the closing </head> tag. 

If you're not sure how to install the snippet, we have created some guides to get you started here:

When you're ready, you can go ahead and click the “Publish widget” button.

Note: You don’t have to have the widget script placed on your website to click the “Publish widget” button, but remember that the widget will only display once you have the widget script placed on your site.