Whether you need to ask your teammate a question, or leave yourself some information for later, notes are a handy feature that allow you to attach internal comments to your conversations in Groove. 



Adding a Note

To leave a note, just click Note at the top of the reply editor to switch to the note form, and then start typing. 

Once posted you'll see your notes inserted chronologically within the conversation, but nested underneath the most recent reply. 

Mentioning Your Teammates

You can use @mentions to catch the attention of your teammates without having to reassign the conversation. As soon as you type the "@" you will get a menu of your teammates to choose from. 

The @mention email notifications are enabled for all users by default. There is currently no setting for this notification and it's not possible to disable them.

Viewing Mentions in Groove

There are two ways to view both your mentions and your teammates mentions in Groove. 

1) Create a mentions smart folder using the "Mentions is" folder condition. 

2) Use the mentions:username search qualifier to view a list of conversations mentioning yourself or another user.