The Groove Inbox looks and feels just like a modern email client and is broken down into four sections. 

  1. Left navigation menu
  2. Conversation list
  3. Conversation page
  4. Right customer sidebar

1. Left Navigation

This menu contains links for your mailboxes, folders, teammates, and tags. You will use these links to navigate between your folders, view conversations assigned to other agents, and view conversations with a specific tag. 

2. Conversation List

When you click one of the links in the left navigation, you will see the conversation list to the right populate with emails. Within the list you can see details about each email including a snippet of the last message, the time it was last updated, who it's assigned to, how many messages there are in the conversation, and the tags for each email. The top of the conversation list also includes the search form where you can search all of the emails in your account. 

3. Conversation Page

The conversation page is where you can read the content of the email and take actions at the top of the page to assign, close, snooze, tag, move to another mailbox, mark as spam, and delete. 

The reply form is at the bottom of the page and you can either reply to the customer, forward to a third party, or leave an internal note for your teammates. 

4. Right Sidebar

The right sidebar contains all the details about the person who submitted the email. At the top you'll see personal details, below are other conversations from that person, and at the bottom you'll see any sidebar integrations you have installed for the account including the Custom Profile App, Stripe, MailChimp, and so on.