Rules are handy tool that you can use in Groove to help automate certain parts of your workflow and save your support agents valuable time. 

*It's important to note that rules only apply to new, incoming conversations as they arrive in your Groove account. It's not possible to trigger rules to run on conversations after they are already created in your account.*

Put simply, rules are composed of conditions (what you are looking for) and actions (what you want to happen).

You can use rules to do a variety of things like automatically assign conversations to a team or agent, change the status, add star priority, or add tags, etc.

Creating a New Rule

To get started with a new rule, go into your Settings > Conversations > Rules and then click "Add Rule" in the left navigation menu. 

On the rule settings page you'll want to add both a Name and a Description for your rule that helps other users know what it's supposed to do.

Next, you'll need to set up one or more conditions for your rule. You can choose to match Any conditions or All conditions, but be careful when matching Any because sometimes your rules can be too broad and match conversations incorrectly. 

Once you've added the conditions (what you are looking for) then you will select the actions (what you want to happen) that you'd like to be applied to the conversations that match your conditions.

Managing Your Rules

Any users with an admin role in your account can view your rules under Settings > Conversations > Rules. It's important to note that rules run in the order they are listed in your settings and the order can be changed by dragging the rules to a different position within the list. 

Because rules run in sequence, it's possible for a rule further down the list to trigger as a result of actions that occurred with previous rules. 

To Edit a rule, click on the title and this will take you to the settings page where you can make changes. 

If you want to Disable (but not delete) a rule, click the button to disable on the right side of the list. This makes the rule inactive, but keeps it in your settings if you want to reactivate it in the future.

To Delete a rule, simply click the trash can button on the right side of the list. 

Example Rules

Here are just a couple of sample rules to help get you started:

Star and Assign Urgent Conversations

Automatically Add Tags

Automatically Close OOO Emails