If you receive agent email notifications from Groove, you can reply to these emails to change the status, add a note, and assign a conversation without having to log into the Groove interface. We always recommend logging into Groove to interact, but in the event you are on the go, the option below may work for you.

You can respond to the agent email notifications and use commands, which then allows Groove to take that specific action.


The following commands are permitted:

  • @assign                me, first/full name or email address of another user.
  • @status                opened, closed, or spam
  • @note                   whatever your heart desires
  • @tag                     any of your tags
  • @customer          Send reply to customer.

When you specify these values in response to the agent email notification, the conversation will be updated within Groove.

ex: @assign Lisa         this will assign the conversation to Lisa in Groove.

ex: @note Please call customer Tuesday        This will add the private note to the conversation in Groove.

*Commands must be used on the same line as your text.

Advanced Commands

If you'd also like to reply to the customer from your agent email notification and updating the status (for example), you can type your response, then add the @commands at the bottom of the email (but above your signature). See below for an example:  

Note: Direct replies via email (shown above) will only work on the 'new conversation' and 'customer reply' notifications. This will not work for notifications for private notes, mentions, agent replies, ratings, or assigned conversations.)

For other notifications (private notes, mentions, agent replies, or assigned conversations), if you want to reply to the customer directly, you must include the @customer command on one line, and the reply on the next line. 

For example:

If you respond via email to any other notification, without the @customer command, it defaults to a private note in Groove.

Important to note:

Customer replies and private notes cannot be sent together in one email reply. You must break it into to separate replies:

  • One email for the reply to the customer.
  • A second email with the private note you want.

If you need any help with updating conversations via email or have any feedback please contact us at support@groovehq.com.