The Customer Satisfaction Ratings are a great way to get feedback from your customers on how you're doing by asking customers to rate the service they've received on closed conversations.

Enabling Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Go into Settings Satisfaction Ratings then click Set up (additional) satisfaction ratings.

How It Works

Customer satisfaction ratings are automatically appended to the bottom of your message when you Reply & Close a conversation. When you respond to a conversation while keeping the open status, the ratings will not be included with the message.

Clicking one of the ratings links will open up a new tab in the customer's browser. Here they can leave a comment to expand on their rating.

And when they click Send Rating they will be navigated to a thank you page.

Customizing the Customer Satisfaction Ratings Language

You can also change the default language and completely customize the wording to match the tone of your business in both the email and the rating page. For more on that, see our article Satisfaction Rating Wording Customization.

Viewing Customer Satisfaction Ratings

There are a few different ways to monitor CSAT:

Email Notifications

One of the easiest ways to monitor CSAT ratings is via email notifications found under Settings → Personal → Notifications. This will shoot you an email each time you get a rating.

Slack Notifications

The Slack integration allows you to ping a channel each time a new rating comes in.

Search Rated Conversations in Groove

We support a couple of different search options when it comes to customer satisfaction ratings.

  • See all rated conversations by entering "rating:any" in the search bar.
  • See specific rating types using "rating:awesome", "rating:ok", or "rating: bad".
  • See rated conversations for a specific user by combining "rating:any" and "assignee:user".

View Your Happiness Report

Found under Reports → Happiness, you can see your happiness overview, the breakdown by type of rating, and a list of the recently rated conversations. You can also dig deeper into each individual user's ratings.

You might have noticed Groove had a 100% CSAT score for Feb 2023 =)