The Slack integration alerts your team of any new tickets entering Groove, right from inside a Slack Channel. With the Slack integration installed, you can collaborate with your team on tickets in real time, or setup desktop notifications for incoming tickets.

To set up your Slack integration, go into your Settings > Integrations > Slack.

On the Slack App Page, press the button to Install.


You’ll be directed to a page to pick your Slack team. If you don’t see your team listed, you can enter your email address to find your team.

We’ll need your permission to access your Slack Account. If you agree to the terms, select Authorizify. If you’d like to turn back without completing the integration, simply Deny Request.

After authorizing, you’ll reach the Slack Settings.  Here’s where you can adjust your preferences on the kinds of notifications you get, and the Mailbox or Mailboxes that send your Slack notifications. You’ll also be able to match your agents to their Slack names so that they’ll receive their own @notifications on tickets assigned to them. You can name your Slack channel whatever you’d like in the Channel field, but we’ll call it Groove by default.

Save Changes, and you’ll see a Groove Channel created in Slack. 

Once you start receiving tickets, you’ll see the notifications appear.

If you need to uninstall the Slack integration for any reason, you can do so in the Slack Settings using the Uninstall button.