Supercharge your support workflow with our Knowledge Base integration. Now you can link to and view KB articles without ever leaving your Inbox.

Reducing friction and improving efficiency within your support workflow is critical when providing great customer service, and this feature allows agents to:

  • Effortlessly insert a Knowledge Base article directly into a reply 
  • Quickly open up a KB article from within the Inbox for reference

This Knowledge Base integration will help you save time, work more efficiently, and train new team members with ease. It should also improve customer satisfaction and decrease response time — win-win!


How does it work?

You’ll see a the Articles in your Inbox reply editor.  You can view articles from one or all of your Knowledge Bases. 

Inserting a KB article link into your reply

Hover over your search results and you’ll see a link icon appear on the right hand side of each title. Simply click this icon to insert the article link into your reply (see image below)

Note: You will not be able to link to unpublished articles in replies (since customers won’t be able to view them!). But you can still view unpublished or drafted KB articles, as well as link to them in internal notes.  

Viewing a Knowledge Base article

Click on one of the search results to open the KB article directly within the Inbox (no new tabs!). You’ll see the article open up in a window to the right of your reply editor.  

By clicking the title you can preview the Knowledge base article, or you can add a link to your article by clicking the icon on the right.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Navigate search results with the up and down arrows
  • Open the article by pressing Enter
  • Add the article link to your reply by pressing Shift + Enter

How do I turn it on?

This feature is available to on all Groove accounts, with no additional setup required.

The only requirement is to have a Knowledge Base setup in your Groove account.

Not using the Groove Knowledge Base yet?

If you haven’t created a knowledge base yet, now is the perfect time! You can lower your support volume by letting customers help themselves. Plus, our KB’s look great, are mobile-friendly, and take only a few minutes to set up. Best of all … the basic version (with nearly all features) is included for free on all our plans. 

You can find all the information you need to get started here.