Using our Export feature, as an account manager, you can download all of the conversation data in your Groove account in a handy JSON format.

How it works

Exports are generated on-request, and can take anywhere from a few minutes, to several hours to generate, depending on how many conversations there are in your account. As we process exports in a FIFO queue, processing can be delayed if other Groove customers are currently exporting their data.

Generally it should take no longer than 24 hours to generate an export of your conversations. You can see the current status of your export on your Settings page, and we notify you via email once it's ready. 

Export data is provided in JSON. The format is described by our v1 Tickets API 'full' conversations format per

All exports are stored securely on Amazon S3, and can only be accessed via your Settings dashboard. Download links are generated dynamically and expire after a (very) short time.

Requesting a new export

To start a new export, visit Settings > Company > Exports. Here you will see the status of your current and previous exports (if any).

To start a new Export, click the "Request Export" button.

Your export will then be added to our queue and we'll start processing it as soon as we can.

NOTE: you can only have one requested export at a time. i.e. you'll have to wait until the current one is completed before requesting another.

Monitoring the status

The Export page will update the status of the requested export when it moves to the front of the queue and begins processing.

NOTE: You cannot cancel/delete an Export once it processing has begun. You have to wait until it completes before doing so.

Downloading your export

When your Export has completed, we update the status again, along with a link to download it.

Simply click on the Download link next to the export to download the zipped export file (gzip).

NOTE: for security reasons we generate a short-lived link when you download the file. That link will not work if shared with other people.

Tidying up old exports

To delete your export permanently, simply click the Trash Icon next to the Export that you want to remove.

This deletes the export, as well as the data file from S3.