Enhance your workflow with our latest Templates feature. Craft Rules for SLAs, escalations, notifications, auto-assigning, and more! To gain a head start with understanding Rules, please visit our article Creating And Using Rules.


Getting Started

To find the Templates section, navigate to SettingsCompanyRulesTemplates



Creating a Rule using Templates

We've got some awesome templates to choose from. Click on any of the Template boxes to start making your own custom Rule that fits your needs.


Let's start with an example from the Most popular section! We are going to create a Rule for escalating long waiting unreplied conversations:

  1. Firstly, click on the "Escalate long waiting conversations" box.
  2. Start by editing the name for your Rule if needed.
  3. Adjust the waiting time to Weeks, days, hours, etc, as applicable. We are going to select 1 day in this example.
  4. Select an action you would like to take place. Here, we are assigning a Teammate to the conversation.
  5. Select a Tag to mark the conversation. We are selecting a "High Priority" Tag here.
  6. Finally, click "Create" to finalize the Rule creation.

In this example, we can see that any New Conversation received that is Unread and Open will automatically be assigned to a user and marked with a high-priority Tag after one day passes within business hours.


Congrats! You've created your first Rule using Templates. When accessing your Active Rules list, you will be able to inspect and edit the new Rule you've created.


That's it! There are many more options from simple to advanced Templates that can improve your automation and productivity within Groove. Feel free to reach out to our support team at any moment should you need any help!