Firstly, thanks for caring enough to send us your suggestions! We love hearing all of the great ideas our customers have for Groove.

How To Contact Us

You can submit your feature requests via email by sending directly to, or you can also submit them via our customer support widget in your Groove account.

How We Prioritize Feature Requests

We track everything. Really. When you submit your feature request to us, the first thing we do is search our Trello boards to see if it's something that's been requested before. If it has, your request will get added to the list. If it hasn't, we add your idea to the backlog so that we can start tracking it.

Step 1 - Idea Backlog

Any features that are under consideration, as in we're not sure if this is something we want to add as a feature just yet, get added to our idea backlog. When an idea starts to show a lot of interest, we review it as a team and decide if it's something we want can pursue. Our core values and purpose are what drives our decision-making process as to whether we add a feature.

Step 2 - Feature Backlog

A feature request will move from the idea backlog to the feature backlog when we have seen significant interest from customers. We continue to track requests from customers while waiting for this feature to be prioritized on our product roadmap.

Step 3 - Product Roadmap

We use customer data and trends from our feature requests to decide what features will be worked on for that quarter. 

Following Up

Since we do track everything, we are also adamant about following up when new features are released. If you've requested a feature for Groove, no matter how long ago it may have been, you will hear from us if that feature gets released! :)