In many cases, customers like yourself want to setup a contact form on your site that routes into Groove. When using contact form tools, each is very different, where some offer email forwarding, while others may have more technical setup. In either case, it is best to check the following to make sure your submissions are getting into Groove and are setup to reply to the customer with ease. Here is the common scenario we see: 

  • Customer has setup a form on their website
  • This form sends details to their server/form provider servers, and then it creates a notification email that forwards into Groove
  • The notification email arrives in Groove, and the expectation is to be able to reply to that notification email
  • That reply then is sent to the customer

However, that is not always the case! We have a problem...

  • When testing the reply from Groove, the one we hope for it to reply to the customer email address, it's just sends a reply to themselves, or another location. Odd. 


  • Every time Groove receives a new email from this notification email, Groove updates the name of the contact to whatever the name is on the last email. What is going on? We know these are not the same people emailing, and they do not have name changes with each email.



  • The contact form needs to be adjusted, somewhere in the settings (this is a good time to refer to your contact form documentation!).
  • You need to add a "Reply-To header"  to each email notification with the email address of the person who used the contact form to reach out to you.

(in some contact form tools, it may have a dedicated area to select this from the contact form fields)

  • Once that is done, Groove then will recognize the Reply-To and place the right email there, where it then will create new contacts for you, and each can be named by their true name. Easy!