Please note: this feature is only available (to Owner and Admin users) on paid plans and not available to trial accounts.

What is an Auto-Reply?

When a customer sends you an email, Groove will send an auto-reply message to the customer immediately confirming receipt of their email.

This auto-reply will only trigger on the first message of a new conversation—if the customer is replying to an existing conversation, the auto-reply will not trigger multiple times.

Enabling Or Editing The Auto-Reply

By default, Groove does not turn on an auto-reply when a new mailbox is created.

To add or edit the auto-reply message, go to your Settings → Channels then click the pencil icon of the inbox you want to edit, and navigate to the tab Auto-reply then check Enable auto reply.

Groove starts you off with a standard reply.  You can edit the reply and make any changes to the message.


Auto-Reply Variables

A selection of variables are supported in both the subject and body of your auto-reply message. These variables will automatically insert certain details into your auto-reply message whenever it triggers.

Name Variable Description
Conversation subject %{subject} Inserts the subject line of the customer's email
Conversation number %{ticket_number} Inserts the conversation number
Conversation contact full name %{contact_full_name} Inserts the first and last name of the customer
Conversation contact first name %{contact_first_name} Inserts the first name of the customer
Conversation contact last name %{contact_last_name} Inserts the first name of the customer
Conversation contact company name %{company_name} Inserts the customer's company name
Conversation contact email %{contact_email} Inserts the customer's email
Agent full name %{agent_full_name} Insert the agent's full name
Agent first name %{agent_first_name} Insert the agent's first name
Agent last name %{agent_last_name} Insert the agent's last name
Conversation comment %{comment} Inserts the body content of the customer's message
Organization name %{organization_name} Inserts the organization name from your account settings
Mailbox name %{mailbox_name} Inserts the mailbox name
Mailbox email %{mailbox_email} Inserts the email address of the mailbox


Once you've filled in all the details, remember to click on the Save changes button when you’re finished.


Auto-reply not working?

Sometimes you may have users sending in mails that contain headers that prevent auto-replies, for example:
X-Auto-Response-Suppress: DR, OOF, AutoReply
If you view the raw email (top right corner of a conversation → view RAW email), you can hit CTRL + F and search for "Response" to see if this may be the case.