You have your new widget created in Groove and ready to go! Now, it's time to test it live on your site.

If you have not already, add the widget snippet of code to your site: 

Install the Groove widget

Now, to test your widget, you can check in incognito in your browser and see the widget on the page. 

Problem? The widget is not showing in your incognito browser... What do I do?

You likely have a setting in Chrome that is set to "Block third-party cookies in Incognito". 

You will need to adjust that setting so your widget can show. 

To adjust that, in Chrome, you will need to go to Settings. In the search bar, you can search for "cookies".


Next, click the Cookies and other site data option. Then select "Allow all cookies".

Now, close your browser session and restart. You can then go into incognito mode and see the widget appear.


As a quick reminder, you may also test in another browser if you wish to not have changes to your Chrome settings.