If you're keen on hotkeys, we have several keyboard shortcuts that help speed up your workflow. The keyboard shortcuts cover pretty much any action when responding in email or Live Chat.

Keyboard Shortcut Legend

The shortcuts icon, a keyboard, is located in the bottom left corner of your screen.  Or you can simply type a ? which will open the legend.

Depending on whether you're in Inbox or Live Chat the list of shortcuts will be different, but in both cases you can use the shortcuts by simply typing the command for the action that you wish to take. If you've already clicked into a conversation you can execute these commands prior to clicking into the reply box. Once the cursor is flashing in the reply box you'll need to click out of the reply box to initiate any shortcuts.

New to using keyboard shortcuts? They may take some getting used to. You'll be hooked in no time, especially if you hate clicks. Pick a few and give them a try today!

Inbox Shortcuts


Live Chat Shortcuts