Getting Started with the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base provides customers with easy access to answers about your products and services, allowing customers to find easy solutions to frequently asked questions.

Installing the Knowledge Base

To add the Knowledge Base to your Groove account, visit the Apps Menu in the top menu bar and select Knowledge Base.

In the Knowledge Base App, select Install. 

Once your Knowledge Base is installed in your Groove account, you'll access it by clicking the KB link at the top of your help desk. 

You can also go directly to your KB URL at:

Creating a New Article

To create your first article (and any more articles later) click on +Create New Article in the top, right corner of the page

Add the article, choose a title, and select which category you would like the article to be placed under from the drop down menu. To make the article public, select Yes under the published section in your window. Otherwise the article will remain in draft mode by default, for internal reference only. 


Editing or Deleting an Article

To edit an existing article, scroll over the title of the article. A Pencil icon and a Trash icon will appear to the left of the article.

Select the pencil icon to edit the article, and the trash icon to delete the article completely. Once an article is deleted from the Knowledge Base it's gone for good and cannot be retrieved. You can always check No to Published if you'd like to take the article down temporarily.

Adding and Editing Categories

You have the option to create a new category every time you create a new article by selecting Create A New Category from the Category dropdown.

You can also add, rearrange, or edit your categories from the Knowledge Base Settings. Select the gear in the top, right corner and choose the Categories tab. Click any + to add a new category. To rename the category, just type the preferred title in existing field. Click and hold the three bars to the left of each title, or + sign, to drag and drop the articles in whatever order you'd like them to appear on your page.  

You can also edit the title of a category from the Knowledge Base home page by scrolling over the title and selecting the Pencil icon.

There's no way to delete a category unless all articles from within that category are also removed.