Note: This article is for our legacy Facebook integration. If you don't have it installed yet, we recommend using our new Messenger integration.

With the Facebook integration, you can respond to your customers' posts, comments, and direct messages to your page, right from within your Groove account. 

To get started, make sure you're logged into your personal Facebook account, and that you are an Admin for your company's Facebook page. (Note that the integration has to be authorized through the personal account of the admin due to how Facebook's app permissions work.)

When you're ready, in Groove, go into Settings > Integrations (legacy) > Facebook

Click the button in the top right that says "Continue with Facebook" to link your Facebook pages to Groove. 

In Facebook, you will be prompted to give authorization to the app to access to your pages.  Next you will see a settings panel with a list of your pages you are an admin to, where you need to select which ones you want to offer access to.

Once done, you will return to Groove and here you will choose which mailbox these messages go into in Groove. 

What's Supported

Groove will create conversations in your account for the following types of activity on your Facebook pages:

User posts - when a user creates a new post on your page.

User comments on page and user posts - when a user comments on any post or photo. 

Replies to comments on posts - when a user replies to a comment on any post or photo. 

Facebook messenger - when a user sends a private direct message to your page. 

Managing Multiple Facebook Pages in Groove

In the Facebook integration settings, you can "subscribe" to any of the pages where you are an admin and you can select which mailbox you want the conversations to be created in, so that separate pages stay separate in Groove too. 

Removing the Facebook Integration

If you need to disconnect your Facebook integration, go back into Settings > Integrations (legacy) > Facebook and click Settings in the top right corner. In the popup modal you will see an option to unlink your Facebook account. 

You will also need to login into your Facebook account and unsubscribe there as well. -Settings and Privacy - Settings - Business Integrations - check the box and remove Groove.