Groove's "Snooze" feature is perfect for those moments where you want to re-open a conversation at a later time, or remind yourself to follow up with a customer. Snooze gives you the option to pick a date and time to change a conversation's status back to Open, if you have not heard back from the customer before then.

To snooze a conversation, click the clock button at the top of the page and select the time period you'd like it to be snoozed.

If you want to unsnooze a conversation, click the clock button again. 

Note: If you manually change the status of the conversation before your snooze period is up, it will also unsnooze it. 

Searching for Snoozed Conversations

You can search for snoozed conversations using the is:snoozed search qualifier. Combine this with other qualifiers like assignee:name to narrow down the results. 

Creating a Snoozed Folder

In your Settings > Conversations > Folders you can create a folder to keep track of conversations that are currently snoozed.

There is a "Snooze state" condition that can be set to:

  • Anyone (shows snoozed conversations from all agents)
  • Current User (shows snoozed conversations assigned to the agent currently logged in)
  • Individual Agents (select which agents whose snoozed conversations you want to show)