The Shopify integration allows you to show customer information right in the conversation sidebar, where it's most useful for you and your team.


Step 1: Get your Shopify API credentials

Log in to your Shopify website and retrieve your Store DomainAPI key, and API password:

  • The Store Domain is the custom part in your admin URL (e.g.
  • For the API key and API password you'll first need to create a new private app. See Shopify's help page on how to do that.
    • We recommend setting the API permissions to only the bare minimum required to make it work:
      • Customer details and customer groups: Read access
      • Orders, transactions and fulfillments: Read access

Step 2: Add your credentials to Groove

  • Log in to your Groove account, and go to Settings Integrations > ShopifyAdd store.
  • Enter all the information collected in step 1 in the necessary forms. The name you give here will be shown at the top of the Shopify integration in your Inbox sidebar, which is handy if you will be adding multiple stores.
  • Once you have filled in all the information, go ahead and press Add store which will save it.

The widget will now show up in the sidebar for all your conversations, and will display customer and order information when a match has been found.

Adding multiple Shopify stores

You can add as many Shopify stores as you like which will each all show up in the Inbox sidebar separately.

To do so, go to SettingsIntegrations > ShopifyConfigure, and click on the Add store button in the top right. Then, follow the steps above to add in the required credentials.

Removing a Shopify Store

If you ever want to remove a store, just head back to SettingsIntegrationsShopifyConfigure, and click Remove on the widget you want to uninstall.