Groove’s Mailchimp integration lets you connect your help desk with your email marketing software. You’ll be able to:

  • See customer mailing list subscriptions next to every ticket

  • View a customer’s profile for any mailing list

  • Subscribe or unsubscribe a customer from a Mailchimp list without leaving Groove

How To Set Up The Groove/Mailchimp Integration

Head over to your Settings > Integrations > Mailchimp and then click Install.

Follow the prompts to connect your Mailchimp and Groove accounts via OAuth.

Once the integration is installed, you can choose which Groove mailboxes you’d like to activate it for under Settings.

4) Now, whenever you open a ticket, Groove will automatically check to see if the sender’s email address is subscribed to any of your lists.

Each user's Mailchimp information will appear in the right sidebar of the Ticket View.

You can easily add customers to any list:

Or remove them:

You can remove the Mailchimp integration at any time by visiting the settings page in Groove and clicking Uninstall. 



Are you seeing recently deleted lists, or have lists missing?

Sometimes you may run in to the issue that your lists in Groove don't match what you are seeing in Mailchimp. This is nothing to worry about, just that we have not received the updated list information from Mailchimp.

To force an update is easy:

  • Head on to the settings
  • Select Integrations on the left hand navigation
  • Scroll down to the Mailchimp integration and select it
  • In the Mailchimp integration screen, click the button "Rebuild lists and Webhooks"

And that should be it! If you still experience any issues, please get in touch with our support team and they will gladly lend a hand.