Delighted is a platform for sending NPS surveys to your customers. You can integrate your Delighted account with Groove to automatically send your survey responses to your Groove account, where you can easily reply and track your conversations. 

To get started, log into both your Groove and Delighted accounts. In Delighted, go into your Settings > Integrations here. Locate Groove on within the list of apps and click to set up your integration.

Once connected to Groove, you can configure the types of tickets you want to receive based on your survey activity. 

Add as many rules as you like, based on responses or trends, then save and you're good to go!

When your survey tickets arrive in Groove, they will post as a private note with a list of details about the customer. Then you can reply to your customer from Groove and these details will not be included in your reply, but the conversation will be contained to the ticket.

Your survey tickets will automatically be labeled with "delighted" and either "promoter," "passive," or "detractor" based on the survey score. 

You can help organize these tickets using folders with conditions based on these labels, making it even easier to track feedback and respond to your customers.