The Recharge integration brings all the most used features from Recharge right into Groove. It allows you to:

  • View customer data in the sidebar, together with their subscriptions
  • Inspect details for subscriptions, and cancel or reactivate it
  • View subscription orders and their details, and skip the next order

Adding a Recharge Store

To add the integration to your account, navigate to Powerup → See all integrations and click Connect on the Recharge row. After choosing your e-commerce platform, enter the name of your store and then a window will open where you'll be asked to authorize the Groove integration.

If at any time you want to add additional stores, navigate to Powerup → See all integrations again, click Configure on the Recharge row, and then click the Add a store button below the stores table. Then, follow the steps as described above.

Note: A Groove account can be linked to multiple Recharge stores, but a Recharge store can only be installed to one Groove account.  

Configuring a Recharge Store

Once you have added your Recharge store, you can click Edit store from the main configuration screen to configure it. At this point we offer two settings:

  • Store field syncing
    This allows you to update the Groove contact when the first name or last name changes in Recharge. That way, you can keep your Recharge contacts in sync with the main contact fields in Groove.
    Note: Turning this on this will only sync fields from that moment on.
  • Channels
    This allows you to specify which channels you want to display the store in. In case you have multiple channels and/or multiple Recharge stores that can help keep things tidy.

Removing a Recharge Store

To delete a store from your account, navigate to Settings → Company → Integrations and click Configure on the Recharge row. Then, for the store you want to delete, click Edit store, and navigate to the Advanced  tab. There, click Remove Store.

Using the Recharge Integration

Once you've added and configured your Recharge store, you can start making use of it. To do this, navigate back to the Inbox and open up any conversation. If the conversation's contact is also a contact in Recharge (based on their email address) then the integration will show their contact information and allow you to manage their subscriptions and subscription orders.

Contact Information

We list a bunch of the Recharge contact fields so that you have immediate additional context to your conversations. Additionally, you can click Show all fields to reveal more fields.

Below the fields we list all of the customer's subscriptions. At a high level this shows the subscription ID, the date that the subscription was created, and the status. However, clicking on it will show you more detail and allow you to manage the subscription. Continue reading under "Subscription Management" below to learn more.

Subscription Management

The Recharge integration lets you manage subscriptions and their orders right from within Groove, so without having to switch back and forth with Recharge.

Cancel Subscription

To cancel a subscription, click into a subscription and click the Cancel subscription button at the bottom of the card. This opens up a drawer where you can provide a reason + comment. You can also indicate whether or not you want to send a cancelation email to the customer.

Reactivate Subscription

To reactivate a subscription, click into a subscription and click the Reactivate subscription button at the bottom of the card. This opens up a drawer where you confirm you want to reactivate it.

Skip Next Order

To skip the next order in a subscription, click into a subscription. If the next order can be skipped (i.e. it's not pre-paid) then a button will show saying Skip next order. Clicking this will open up a drawer where you confirm you want to skip it.