If you’re coming to Groove from another help desk (Zendesk, Freshdesk, Helpscout … anything other than Gmail), you have two options for importing all your old customer tickets and emails:

1. Get an engineer to do it for you using our API.

If you’re able to use a developer as a resource, this is your best option. Simply point them to Groove’s API docs. They will figure it out from there (and can contact us for help). This option allows you to transfer essentially all your old help desk data to the new one. Including tickets, customers, mailboxes, folders, groups, knowledge base information, and more. 

2. Pay Help Desk Migration to do it for you.

It’s a third-party app that makes it super easy to migrate your tickets from one helpdesk to another. Simply select your old helpdesk and your new one from a dropdown. That’s pretty much all there is to it. If it’s within your budget (couple hundred $), it’s worth the money. 

This will import all your old tickets (so you can reference older conversations when talking to customers), but it doesn’t carry over other inbox features like email templates, folders, or mailboxes. You’ll have to set those up manually — it will take some time, but it’s doable (whereas, manually transferring your old conversations really isn’t possible). 

Some manual parts of your helpdesk transition might include: 

  • Copying and pasting old email templates
  • Setting up new folders and workflows to mimic your old ones 
  • Hooking up your integrations to the new inbox 

We know switching support software is a huge adjustment. Hopefully, these migration options make it a bit easier.

And ideally, this is the first of many things you find easier at Groove :)