So you're ready to move your Knowledge Base from legacy Groove to Groove 2.0? Excellent!

First things first, migrating your legacy knowledge base to 2.0 will not affect your legacy KB. Your legacy KB will remain intact during the migration and after it's completed. Not to worry!

It's important to note that only admins can initiate the migration. To access the knowledge base in Groove 2.0, click the Knowledge Base icon in the far left bar (just under the inbox icon), which takes you to this page:

To get started, click the button that says "Migrate my existing content" to start the migration. On the next page you can create a name for your Knowledge Base. 

When you're all set, click the button to "Create my knowledge base" and you'll see a page that says the content is being migrated. As soon as the migration is done, you'll be redirected to your new dashboard for your Knowledge Base. 

Now that your legacy Knowledge Base has been successfully migrated to Groove 2.0, there's one final and important step remaining:

In your Settings > Advanced, there is a button to Redirect URLs and once activated it will start redirecting all of the URLs for your legacy Knowledge Base to the new URLs for your new Knowledge Base. 

Once you've done that, you're all set migrating your Knowledge Base content and you can continue customizing your shiny new Knowledge Base. ?

Curious about how to set up a custom domain for your Knowledge Base in Groove 2.0? Check out our article on custom domains for more details.