Why migrate to the new widget?

The new widget is more than a just a design overhaul of the existing widgets (although that is a great reason on its own to use the new one!). 

We have included a host of new beneficial features with the contact form and the greatly improved Knowledge Base integration, and our Live Chat works exclusively with the new widget.

Best of all, these work in tandem to lower your support volumes by recommending articles when a customer reaches out via the contact form, along with making it easy for customers to get in touch if the Knowledge Base articles don't answer the customers questions with our negative rating assistance.

Most importantly, our team will be building out a host of new features and improvements for the new widget, and we will no longer be supporting our legacy widgets from any new updates or features.


How to migrate over to the new widget

As we have built the new widget from the ground up, you will have to add the script for your new widget on your website.

Please follow these steps to get started:

  1. Create your new widget by following the getting started guide here.
  2. Add the script to your new widget to your website or application (we have a bunch of guides on our widget category here).
  3. Remove the existing legacy widget script from your website or application.
  4. Delete your legacy widget from the Groove settings (guide below).


How do I delete a legacy widget

Deleting your legacy widget takes only a few steps. 

  1. Navigate to the integrations screen by clicking the cog icon on the left navigation in Groove
  2. Select the "Integrations" menu item under the settings menu
  3. Select the "Support Widget" menu item by clicking on the title
  4. Click on the "Settings" button on the top right of the screen
  5. Click the delete icon for the Widget you want to remove.