To incentivize a speedy response for their end users, Facebook has introduced several time limits for businesses that are important to be aware of when providing support. Within our Inbox we provide several hints to make it as clear as possible. Find the specifics on the limits below, as well as an explanation on how this is reflected inside of Groove.


  • You have 24 hours to reply to a user's first message. If you don't respond within that window, the conversation will be closed and you'll be unable to send any additional messages.
  • You have 7 days to reply to a user's subsequent message. Any time the user sends a message, the clock resets. As with the initial reply time window, the conversation will be closed after this time and you'll be unable to send any additional messages.


To help you stay within those reply time windows, we have introduced several features to make it more clear to you:

  1. We include a new smart folder for Instagram and Messenger called "Ending soon". Here, we show conversations where you are at risk of missing the reply time window.
  2. You can sort conversations by "Expiring soonest", which takes into account this same reply time window. This is done by default in the new smart folder.
  3. Within the conversation list, we show the remaining time for the next reply. This helps you to see at a glance where your attention is most needed.
  4. We display this remaining time also within the conversation itself. Depending on the limit and on how close you are, we make this more or less prominent.

Initial Reply

Subsequent Replies