Two of the main ways that your team is going to stay organized in Groove is by assigning conversations to know who's working on what and changing status so you know what's open and what's closed. 

There are three different methods for doing both of these things: in combination with a reply, as a separate action, and in bulk. 

Changing the Status and Assignee with a Reply

When you have finished drafting your reply, at the bottom of the reply editor you can select who the conversation is assigned to when the reply sends and you can also select the status to change to after your reply. 

The same options are available when leaving a note as well. 

Changing the Status and Assignee Separately

In Groove we have one-click status changes to help make moving through your conversations as quick as possible. Simply click the close button to close the conversation and click that same button again to re-open it. 

To change the assignee in a separate action, click the assignment button at the top of the page and select the user or team you want to assign to from the dropdown list. 


You can switch between users and teams at the top of the dropdown list. 


Changing the Status and Assignee in Bulk

To make batch updates to conversations, hover over the conversation in the list and then check the boxes of the conversations you want to action. In the center of the page you can choose from a selection of bulk actions including assigning and changing status. 

You can also set the default status for your reply button, so if you tend to reply more with one status over the other, you can save yourself a few clicks by setting this preference in your Settings > Conversations > Preferences