With Influx you can have 24/7 support coverage using Groove.
How It Works
Influx provides a complete support operation on demand, acting as either frontline support or helping with coverage gaps.  This enables:
- Fast 24/7 support, all hours, all time zones
- Variable pricing, so you only pay for responses each month
- Improvements in support quality with management, training and QA included
Once you create an Influx account, connect your account directly to Groove, so your Influx team can act as an extension of your existing team, right in your existing help desk, using all the same processes for tagging, insights and escalations.
How to Connect Your Influx Account to Groove
1. Create an Influx account at Influx.com
2. Connect Your Influx account to Groove in the Influx Dashboard -> Settings -> Help Desks -> Groove
3. Schedule a commencement meeting with Influx to define scope and schedule training