When it comes to forwarding email from a Google Workspace account, first navigate to Centralize → Add another channel, then click email. You are presented with two options:

  1. Google (recommended): Select this to directly connect your account to Groove. Continue with "1. Connecting via OAuth".
  2. Other email client: Select this if you prefer regular email forwarding. Continue with "2. Auto Forwarding from Google".

Note: if your account is a Google group or alias, see our article Forwarding Email from a Google Group.

1. Connecting via OAuth

The first method is to connect your Groove inbox directly to your Google account using OAuth. By linking directly to Google, this not only syncs your emails more reliably, but it also sends your outgoing emails through your Google servers—something that also improves your email deliverability to your customers. 

After selecting Groove in the drawer, you'll then be able to give the new inbox a name and a color. Once you're happy with that, click Authenticate with Google to connect your account.

You will need to log in to your account in order to continue authorizing Groove. Then, you will see a list of the permissions we need to connect to your mailbox. Click the Allow button to proceed.

And that's it! After you allow Groove to connect to Google, you will be taken back to Groove where the inbox will show as "Receiving mail" on your settings page and you can start receiving your emails as conversations.

Note: You might experience a short delay before you start seeing emails in your Groove account.

2. Auto Forwarding from Google

If you need to use regular email forwarding instead of connecting via OAuth, it's just a few more steps to get this set up. 

Explainer video found here.

First, from the drawer, select Other email client. You'll then be asked to give the new inbox a name and colors, as well as the email address that you want to use. Next, you can indicate who of your teammates has access. You can also skip this step and do it later. Lastly, you are given an email address to forward all your email to (e.g. "123abc@inbox.groovehq.com").

Note: This …@inbox.groovehq.com address is not intended to be used like a regular email address—it's designed only to receive forwarded emails.

Once you have your forwarding address, go into your Gmail account under Settings → Forwarding and POP/IMAP, and click the button to Add a forwarding address.

Next, you'll need to paste your forwarding address into the popup modal and follow the steps to send a confirmation email to your forwarding address.

When you receive the confirmation email in your Groove account, click on the link in the email to confirm your forwarding address.

After you've confirmed everything, you are good to go!