Setting up an alias to forward to Groove takes just a few more steps than normal forwarding, so that you only receive tickets for emails sent to that specific alias.

Step 1

Add a new mailbox in Groove for your alias email address by selecting Other email client

Add the mailbox name, email, and select a color. Click continue. 



Groove will provide a forward email address. Copy this forwarding address. 


Step 2

Add your Groove forwarding address to the Forwarding settings for your main email address in Gmail. Follow all of the on-screen prompts. 

Step 3

Complete your mailbox set up and confirm your new forwarding address in Groove.


Step 4

Disable global forwarding in Gmail settings. With this turned on it will forward everything from your main email address and all aliases. By turning it off you can use a filter to forward only messages sent to your alias. 

Step 5

Set up a Filter for messages sent TO alias, then forward only those to Groove.

That's it! Once your forwarding address is confirmed and your filter is set up for your alias, you'll start receiving those emails in Groove as tickets.