Log in to your Outlook.com or Office365.com email client for the account that matches your Groove mailbox address. If your mailbox address is support@mycompany.com, you should be logged in as that user in Outlook.com or Office365.

Click the gear icon in the top, right corner of the page and select More mail settings from the drop down menu. 

On the options page, select on Email forwarding.

Select Forward your mail to another email account, and paste your Groove forwarding address into the text box below. 

We recommend checking the box to Keep a copy of forwarded messages in your Outlook inbox for backup purposes, just in case :)

Just Save and you're all set! You're ready to start forward messages into Groove!


Forwarding not working?

In some cases, you may do the above steps and the emails are still not going into Groove. Likely, you have a setting in Office365 that blocks you from forwarding emails to an email address outside of your organization. You will need to give permissions in Office365 to allow this action to happen. Please follow the steps here to adjust that setting:

  • Navigate to https://compliance.microsoft.com/ 
  • Click into threat management > Policy 
  • Then select anti spam > outbound spam 
  • Next, click edit 
  • Turn on 'automatic forwarding'.


Please note: You can also create a global user in the admin panel, then create a distribution list including this contact on for your support@ address.