Introducing the Note editing and deletion feature – your ticket to smoother Note management and seamless customer interactions. Here we will explore how to use these functions.


Editing Notes

Got a note that needs a touch-up? No worries. Hover your cursor over the top-right corner of your Note in the conversation and click the pencil icon to start editing. Click "Update note" once you are ready to save the changes.

Important: When an edit has been made, you'll see an "Edited" status while the Note is in an unfocused/collapsed view.


Deleting Notes

Need to erase a Note from the conversation? Click the trash icon when hovering over the Note and click delete, as shown in the preview below.

Important: You can only delete/edit your own notes!


When you delete a Note, if you had @mentioned someone in the Note, they will still get that email notification letting them know about it. The ticket would mention that "X deleted a note" so your team would have a trail to understand what happened.


That's it!


Now you know how to Edit and Delete Notes in Groove.