Folders are another way to organize your Groove workflow. It's important to note that folders in Groove don't work quite like they do in other email clients. Instead of moving conversations between folders, you set up your folders to show conversations based on the conditions that you set. So conversations "move" in and out of folders when you change the conditions of the conversation to match however you have set up your folders. 

Only admins can access the folder settings under Settings > Conversations > Folders. Create a new folder by clicking the +Add Folder button in the left menu. 


On the folder settings page, you can add a name, description, folder conditions for the conversations that should appear, which users can see the folder, and which mailbox the folder should appear in. 

You can choose from a variety of different conditions on how to filter conversations into a your folder from the Conditions dropdown menu.

Status, tags, priority, assigned agent, and channel are among some of the options available. You can match any or all conditions to broaden or narrow the kinds of conversations that appear and you can add as many conditions as you like. A folder needs at least one condition before you can save it. 


Please note: The order of conditions are important. The first matching condition in top down order will process for a conversation, and then the condition matcher will stop. If you have multiple conditions, it determines whether all conditions must be met before a conversation goes into the folder, or if the conversation will filter in a folder even if it only matches one of the conditions. 

Once your folder is created, it will show up in the left navigation for everyone who has permission to see it. 

To edit a folder, simply click on it in the list view of your folder settings. To delete a folder, click the trash can button. Or if you don't want to fully delete a folder, you can hide it from view instead.