Understanding User Roles

Different User roles have different sets of permissions to access certain settings in Groove.

There are 3 specific types of Users in Groove:

  • The person who signs up for the account is known as the Account Owner. Only account owners have access to billing information. They are also the only User Role that can archive another User.
  • Users can also be Administrators. Admins have access to all Mailbox and Ticketing settings, and are able to create and edit Users.
  • An Agent only has access to their personal settings and preferences. They cannot access any of the Ticketing or Company settings, nor can they invite new users to the account. Agents also cannot delete a ticket.
Changing the Role of a User

The role of a user can be changed by going into Settings > Users > Name. There is a checkbox that says 'Admin' -- if checked the user is an admin, if unchecked the user is an agent.