Using Customer Satisfaction Ratings

The Customer Satisfaction Ratings App is a great way to get feedback from your customers on how you're doing. It's one of our most highly utilized apps, and easy to install.

To install the Customer Satisfaction Ratings, visit the Apps menu at the top of the page. In Apps, Select Customer Satisfaction Ratings and click Install. If you ever decide to disable the ratings, go back into the Apps section and select Uninstall

Changing the Customer Satisfaction Ratings Language

If you need to change the language for your Custom Satisfaction Ratings, you can do so in Settings, next to Uninstall. In the Customer Satisfaction Ratings Settings you'll have the option to choose an alternate language for your ratings from the dropdown menu. 

What the Customer Sees

The customer satisfaction ratings will be appended to the bottom of your message when you send your reply to the customer with a Closed status.

Clicking one of the ratings links will open up a new tab in the customer's browser. Here they can leave a comment to expand on their rating.

Viewing Your Customer Satisfaction Ratings

If you need to see or review your Customer Satisfaction Ratings, you can do so a couple of different ways.

The easiest way to keep tabs on your Customer Satisfaction Ratings is to send them directly to your inbox using our Email Notifications. In the Groove Settings Menu under Email Notifications, select any of the boxes to be emailed when a customer rates a ticket. We'll email your ratings and rating comments as soon as we receive them from the customer. 

The second is in the agent's User Profile in Groove. Click on the person whose ratings you'd like to review under Users in the Settings Menu. You'll see the percentage of all of their ratings, as well as each ticket that was rated and by who. You can click inside each ticket to read any rating comments left by the customer.