Personalizing Your Auto-Reply

**Please note that this feature is only available on paid plans and not available to trial accounts.**

An auto-response lets your customers know that you've received their message, and will get back to them shortly. When a customer emails your support address, Groove will send an auto-response to the customer immediately confirming reciept of their message.

By default, Groove does not turn on an auto-response when a new mailbox is created.

Enabling or editing the auto-response

To enable your auto-response, or make changes to the message. 

First go to, 'Settings' -> 'Mailboxes'. 

To enable your auto-response simply toggle the on/off button to on. Groove starts you off with a standard reply.  You can edit the reply, or make any changes to the message you'd like. 

Once you've filled in all the details remember to click on the Save Mailbox button when you’re finished.