Adding Images, Videos, and Gifs to your KB Articles

Words aren't always enough to provide the best explanation on a topic. Images, videos, and animated gifs can illustrate ideas more effectively and help communicate a point in less time. 


The easiest way to upload a photo to your Knowledge Base Article is to use the Upload a Photo button in the top, right corner of the Create Article box under the title.


If the image is hosted somewhere online, you can also copy and paste images directly into the Knowledge Base after highlighting the image on the webpage it's housed on. Copy+paste does not work by copy and pasting the image URL, or right clicking the image to copy it. You need to highlight the image to pick up the HTML. The image size limit for the Knowledge Base is 5GB.

Videos and Animated Gifs

You can add videos or animated gifs if you have the HTML embed code. To embed the code in your Knowledge Base, select the HTML icon in the Rich Text Editor.

The HTML embed code is typically very easy to nab depending on where your videos are housed.

In YouTube, click Share on the video's page, then select Embed to reveal the code.

In Wistia you'll want to select the Dropdown reading Video Actions and select Embed and Share. Choose Inline Emed as your embed code.

 Once you have the embed code, select the HTML icon in the Rich Text Editor and paste the code in the HTML source editor.

If you'd like to add an Animated Gif, select the HTML icon in the Rich Text Editor. Animated gifs work similarly to images, so you can include your link to the animated gif between HTML image tags in the source code like <p><img src="" alt="" /></p> as demonstrated below.