Updating Tickets via Email

If you receive email notifications from Groove, you can reply to these emails to change the status, add a note, and assign a ticket without having to log into the Groove the app.

Updating tickets via email is also a great way to respond to tickets on a mobile device. You can respond to the email notifications and use the @commands to update tickets in Groove on the go. 

Email Commands

To update tickets in Groove from your inbox, use the following commands and accepted values in response to notifications from Groove:

  • @assign                me, first/full name or email address of another user.
  • @status                opened, pending, closed, or spam
  • @note                   whatever your heart desires
  • @label                   any of your labels
  • @customer           Send reply to customer.

When you specify these values in response to the email notification, the ticket will be updated within Groove.

If you'd also like to reply to the customer from your inbox in addition to updating the ticket status, type your response normally as shown below, and add the @commands at the bottom of the email.

Note that replies via email will only work on new ticket and customer reply notifications.

For other notifications (e.g. mentions, ticket assignments, notes), if you want to reply to a customer directly, you must include the @customer command. For example;

You can also send quick one-line responses to customers e.g. "@customer Thats an excellent suggestion. Thanks for the feedback". This is simliar to how @note works.

Otherwise, when you respond via email to any other notification, without the @customer command, it defaults to a private note in Groove. You also cannot send replies and notes in the same message. You must send your note and reply separately in order for each to post to the ticket correctly.

If you need any help with updating tickets via email or have any feedback please contact us at support@groovehq.com.