Creating a Rule

Rules apply to new, incoming tickets to help automate ticket management. They are composed of conditions (what you are looking for) and actions (what you want to happen).

You can use rules to do a bunch of things like automatically assign tickets to a group or agent, change the status, prioritize tickets, or add labels. 

To create a rule, select Rules in the Settings Menu under Ticketing.

Then click Add Rule. Fill in the name and description.

Next, select a type of rules matching and add the conditions you'd like the rule to meet. 

Please keep in mind the order of rules are important. The first matching rule in top down order will be processed for a ticket and then the rules matcher will stop. This is important if you have multiple conditions. It determines whether "all" conditions must be met before a ticket goes into the folder, or if the ticket will go into the folder even if it only matches "one" of the conditions.

Once you've added the conditions, then select the actions (what you want to happen) you'd like to be applied. 

If you ever need to edit a rule, click on the rule and make any changes you need to. If you need to delete a rule, just click the trash can next to it.  Also, If you would like to save the a but prevent it from triggering momentarily, you can disable a rule by clicking Disable.