How to Use Labels

Labels are handy little tags that help you organize your tickets into categories (i.e. feature requests, iOS App, feedback, etc). 

Labels have the same organizations benefits folders do, but with an added bonus: you can add more than one to a ticket.

Once you add a label to a ticket, it will appear in the ticket details for quick and easy reference.

You can add labels to any ticket. Add existing labels by searching next to the tag icon located in the reply box and select the label. Or add a new label by typing it next to the tag icon and hitting return.

You can also add labels in batch from the tickets list view. Click on the label icon in the top navigation toolbar. Type out the label in the blank text field. Select the label you'd like to add and press update after each label entered. 

Once you've added some labels, there's a bunch of practical ways to use them to organize your customer requests.

One way is to add a Rule. Rules help to automate ticket management, and basically eliminate tedious steps for you. You can see more about how rules work in this article

You can also use Labels to filter tickets into specific Folders. You can also read more about how to do that in our Knowledge Base Article: Creating a Folder Based on a Label

If you haven't created a Rule or a Folder for your labels, don't worry. You can also search for them in our search bar. Just type the label you'd like to reference in the search bar and we'll give you a list of results from the label.

Narrow your search down by selecting to feature only the selected label in the left side-bar

Your search results will only feature the specific label you're searching for: