Understanding Knowledge Base Analytics

Knowledge Base analytics give you valuable insights on what questions your customers have about your product or business.

You can select to view analytics for your Knowledge Base right below your Mailbox options in the Ticketing Reports.

At the top of the Knowledge Base Analytics page, view total searches that have taken place in your Knowledge Base vs. the amount of customers who contacted support from the Knowledge Base page.

Move your mouse across the Knowledge Base timeline to break down the number of searches that took place per each day in the selected timeframe.


Below the timeline, we feature five key Knowledge Base metrics.

Self Help Success measures the percentage of Knowledge Base Sessions conducted where a customer left the Knowledge Base without contacting customer support.

Voted Uself and Voted Not Useful ratings pull in data from the short survey on the bottom of each Knowledge Base article prompting your customers to give feedback or contact support. You can click inside these metrics to view which articles received the useful or not useful ratings.

Top Searches helps you help your customers find exactly what they are looking for by monitoring the keywords and topics your customers search for in your Knowledge Base.

Top Articles reveal which areas of your app generate the most questions (or interest) by tracking which Knowledge Base Articles receive the most traction among your customers.