Creating a Folder

Folders are another way to organize your agent workflow. You can use them to keep track of labeled tickets, separate tickets coming in from Facebook or Twitter, or delegate responsibilities to Agents.

To create a folder, visit Folders in the Settings Menu under Ticketing.

Select +Add Folder from the left side-bar menu and an empty form will appear in the page view for you to enter your Folder details. 

Add name, description, type of conditions you'd like this Folder to reflect, and select who will have permission to view this folder. 

You can choose from a variety of different conditions on how to filter tickets into a Folder from the Conditions dropdown menu. Labels, Priorities, Agent, and Channel (coming from your Widget, Twitter, or Facebook) are among some of the options available, but you can also create Folders based on Time. You can add as many conditions as you'd like to a Folder.


Please note: The order of conditions are important. The first matching condition in top down order will process for a ticket, and then the condition matcher will stop. If you have multiple conditions, it determines whether all conditions must be met before a ticket goes into the folder, or if the ticket will filter in a folder even if it only matches one of the conditions. 

It's easy to edit or delete a Folder; simply click on the Folder in the list view to edit it, or the trash can option next to the Folder to delete.