Creating and Using Canned Replies

Canned Replies are prewritten answers to commonly asked questions by your customers. Canned responses are a great way to make replying to customers more efficient for everyone. It also helps to keep the tone and language consistent between agents across all customer interactions.

Creating Canned Replies

There are two different ways to add a new canned reply to your account.

1. Select Canned Replies in the Settings Menu under Ticketing.

Click Add Canned Reply, and then give your reply a title, and compose your response in the text box. 

You can also organize your canned replies into different categories using the dropdown at the top.

Once you're finished click Save Canned Reply.

2. You can also add a canned reply from within the ticket editor.

If you notice you're answering the same question over and over, and you’ve just typed up a response you think should be a canned reply, click the arrow icon next to Insert Reply to quickly save this answer as a Canned Reply.

Using Canned Replies

To apply a canned reply in your ticket response, click Insert Reply in the top, right corner of the reply box. We'll suggest a list of canned reply categories, so you can select whatever reply works best. You can also type a keyword in the search bar to pull up your desired reply.


Deleting Canned Replies

If you need to delete a Canned Reply, click the trash can next to the reply you want to remove from your account.

Be careful though, once you delete a reply it's gone for good.