Using Your Own Form for Tickets (Legacy)

**Please note these instructions only work with the old Groove widget. If you've upgraded your widget, you will need to use our new docs (coming soon).**

You can use your own form to create tickets in Groove. You can call an API function with all the details needed for ticket creation, just as if the groove help widget had been used.


To be able to use Groove Ticket API you should follow your widget installation steps in Groove and modify the widget code by changing /ticket.js to /ticket/api.js so that it looks:

You can also add the grooveOnLoad parameter which should be used for any initialization code which needs to reference the API functions. It tells the browser to wait until the API finished loading and then invoke a JavaScript function of your choosing.


To create a ticket call:

Groove.createTicket(params, callback); 


  • params[email] - end user email
  • params[name] - end user name
  • params[about] - end user about, this information will be visible when you're either chatting with the end user or responding to his ticket on the right sidebar below his name and email
  • params[subject] - ticket subject
  • params[labels] - ticket labels string, labels must be separated with comma
  • params[message] - ticket message
  • callback - function that will be called with a ticket JSON rsponse as a parameter