Creating Multiple Mailboxes

You can have multiple email addresses under a single Groove account. Create as many mailboxes as you need to organize your email workflow within teams, or to support mutliple products with different support addresses.

To create a new Mailbox, select Mailboxes in the Settings Menu under Ticketing

Select + Add Mailbox in the left side-bar.

Once clicked, you'll receive a blank form for the Mailbox you'd like to create. Name your Mailbox, and enter the new email address. You can create your email signature for the new Mailbox now, or come back to it later. Scroll down and select Save Mailbox.

As soon as you Save Mailbox, you'll be prompted to start forwarding the email address into Groove. You'll go through the same steps as you did when you originally set up your first Groove Mailbox. If it's been a while, you can consult our Knowledge Base Article on Forwarding Email into Groove.

Once you have set up your new Mailbox, you'll see it in your left side-bar menu under Mailboxes

You have two options on how to view your Mailboxes in Groove, and you can elect the option you'd like in My Preferences under Ticketing.

You can either view your mailbox as A Single Inbox or as Separate Inboxes. Both Default Views have their merits, and it depends on how your team handles support from your various addresses.

If all of your agents answer the same types of support questions, but have several different support type addresses (info@, contact@, support@, etc), we recommend a Single Inbox to keep your support channels consistent with each other. You can always set up rules for filtering email addresses into specific Folders if you'd like to keep things organized. We have our Inbox set up as a single inbox at Groove, and it looks a little like this:

If you're housing multiple products or lines of communication that have different, specified agents handling each channel, you may want to opt for Separate Inboxes to avoid confusing your agents. In the example below, the Acme's Sales Team and Support Team handle different types of inquiries, so they kept their inboxes separate.

When you support multiple mailboxes, agents can also change what mailbox to send a reply from when answering customer requests within the ticket. As default, we'll send the reply back from whatever email address the customer originally contacts you at.