Setting Up The Groove & ProjectManager Integration via Zapier

With ZapierGroove and now integrate with each other, bringing together the power of Groove’s extensive ticketing platform and the suite of productivity tools from Sending tickets from your support team to your developer and project teams has never been easier. One of the many powerful features bridged by Zapier is the ability to create a task when a new ticket is created. Starting your first integration is easy!

Step 1: Get a free Zapier account at:

Step 2: Select your desired integrated features. In this we are creating a when a new ticket is assigned



Step 3: Add your Groove account, you’ll be prompted with this screen:


Make sure to follow the directions and accept the pop up that comes after you name the account.

Step 4: Add your account. You’ll be prompted with this dialog box:


Open the link that says “click here” in a new tab. This will explain how to retrieve your API key. After retrieving your key, add it in to lower box.

Step 5: Set your trigger filters. This way only desired tickets are sent to You may also create custom filter to fit your specific needs.


Step 6: Edit the settings that populate the ticket info in These will be how PM names and logs the start dates of tickets. Make sure to edit for your team’s preference.


Step 7: Test the integration! Follow the direction in the dialog box after you click the button shown below