Using the Facebook Integration

To install the Facebook App, turning your wall posts into tickets to keep a watchful eye over what your customers are saying on your page, visit the Apps menu, and select Facebook

Make sure you're logged into your personal Facebook account, and that you are an Admin for your Company's Facebook Page. Once confirmed, press Install in the Facebook App.

Follow the authorization steps to give the app access to your pages and then you will see a settings panel in Groove with a list of your pages.

Here you can select which pages you want going into your Groove account and which mailboxes you want them going to. 

If you need to disconnect your Facebook App, or connect to another page, click Settings in the Facebook App page. You will see a link to unlink your Facebook account. 

What the Facebook App Does

Currently our Facebook app creates tickets when a user makes a post on your page. It will also pull in any subsequent replies on that post.

It does not support private messages, replies to comments, or comments on posts made by your page. These are all planned for a future release.

Please Note: If you notice the Facebook Inegration suddenly stops working, your authorization token might be expired. No worries, it's easy to reconnect your token. Visit the Facebook App in the Apps menu and select Settings. You'll have the option to reconnect your page. 

Facebook Access Tokens come in two different Lifespans: Short (1-2 hours) and Long (60 days). While we use the Long-Term tokens, the tokens can only last at most 60 days (per Facebook) and also "may change without warning or expire early." We're unfortunately at the mercy of big Facebook here when it comes to whether or not, when, and why a token expires.

You can read a little bit more about Facebook Access tokens here: