Editing the Role of a User

Since different User roles have different access permissions in Groove, you may need to edit the role of a user to accomodate changes in your User's responsibilities.

You can edit the role of a User in the Settings Menu under Users.

Select the User whose Role you'd like to edit


In the top, right corner of the Users profile, check (or un-check) Admin to alter the agent's responsibilities.

There's no need to save. Once you check the box the User Role change will save automatically.

If you need to change the Owner of an account, the current Owner can do so in the Billing Section of the Settings Menu, under Manage Account. We have some more detailed instructions for changing account ownership in this Knowledge Base Article: Changing the Account Owner

To review the different types of roles in Groove check out our Knowledge Base article, User Roles.

Please Note: Admins can edit the role of a User, but only the Account Owner can archive Users.