How to Archive a User

It's not always easy to say goodbye, but there comes a time when one of your Users may need to hang up the ol' typing gloves and Groove on out.

You won't be able to delete a User, but you can Archive them instead. It's less scary since it's less permanent, and you can reactive Archived users at any time.

Archived Users won't effect your billing total. If you Archive a User before your next payment date, your monthly total will update accordingly. 

You can Archive a User in the Settings Menu under Users

Select the User you'd like to archive from your list of Active Users

Once you're in the User's profile, check the box next to Archived in the top, right corner.

There's no need to save. The User status will save automatically when the box is checked. 

Archived Users will no longer have access to Groove, and can no longer answer customer support requests. 

Please note: Tickets assigned to a User become unassigned when the User is archived.